A copy of the state budget performance report reviewed by Skyton247 shows that within three months, Abia State Governor Alex Otti spent an astounding N927 million on welfare packages for the eggheads, honoraria settlement, allowances, and refreshments.

The state government released a report on its website with the title “Abia State Third Quarter (July – September) 2023 Budget Performance.” (https://abiastate.gov.ng/abia-state-3rd-quarter-2023-budget-performance-report-2/)

“This Q3 and Year to date performance is assessed against the revised 2023 Budget that covers the Original Budget plus a n Amendment Virement sum of N22,263,269,900 as summarised below,” it read.

Budget performance.jpg
Budget performance 2.jpg

The Abia State website has the Budget Performance Report, which was created by the Planning Commission, Budget Department, Office of the Accountant General, and Accounts Production Department.

According to the report, the Otti-led government paid N305,400,000.00 for government officials’ honoraria and sitting allowance between July and September of 2023, and N223,389,889.84 for refreshments and meals.

The government further stated that N397,520,734.00 was allocated to welfare benefits.

Additionally, the paper states that N737,922,661.25 was spent on car purchases. It was never mentioned how many cars were purchased or for whom they were purchased.

Concurrently, the Abia government expended N362,804,050.00 on trucks and another N400,890,000.00 with buses.
The government stated in the paper that N252.4 million was utilised for the three-month operation of the Deputy Governor’s office.

However, the audit revealed that the government had only allocated N25 million for the state’s public school repairs.

This is because a large number of Abia State’s public elementary and secondary schools are referred to as “eyesores.” Numerous online reports claim that the majority of the 17 local government areas in Abia State’s public secondary and primary school structures and facilities are old and degrading as a result of the government’s incompetence.

It was reported that a substantial portion of the state’s school buildings were almost abandoned, with tonnes of trash, human excreta, and overgrown plants. Some of the buildings had leaking roofs, damaged furniture, doors, and windows.

By Cynthia